Please can you help this dog ?

A common request in the hundreds of emails and Facebook messages we receive every year from holidaymakers or residents that have seen animals suffering due to over population or neglect. The majority of requests from residents come from the capital or surrounding beach areas where there are a number of active groups we can refer them to

The Requests from tourist’s inland are a very different matter; heart felt cries for help from people who feel utterly helpless watching these dogs suffering

“I was so upset by a young puppy which was eating something that was not food “ Anuradhapura

“I can honestly say I have never seen so many poor and sick dogs” Dambulla and Sigiriya

“Someone had put a cup of water in front of it, I doubt it had the strength to drink” Anuradhapura

“ A dog so sick that it would have been more humane to have it put down” Sigiriya

Our sterilisation programs work but they are not a quick fix, we need to sterilise a minimum of 70 % of the population to get a population stabilisation. Depending on this size of the population and where dogs are in breeding cycles we need to work in an area at least 3 times over a period of 9 months. During these clinics dogs are vaccinated against Rabies, treated for parasites and skin conditions.

Sterilisation cannot be done in isolation, we need to run education programs and workshops with owners, children and local authority’s about animal welfare and the emotional and physical needs of animals to effect real change.

sri lankan street dog with skin diesease sitting

Since late 2011 we have conducted over 3000 sterilisations in a 10-15km radius of our Kegalle base. We are now entering into maintanance mode here, as the population is stable and generally healthily. In 2014 we have committed to running a series of programs in the Negombo beach area and a pilot program in Jaffna  and around the tip of the Cultural Triangle at Anuradupaura

The cold hard truth is we are simply restricted by money, a 5-day mass intervention to sterilise and treat 200 animals will cost around £2500. We are getting almost weekly requests to help the dog population around Sigiriya and Dambulla but currently we have no funding for this area or the follow up visits to Anuradhapura.

Its seems a vast sum but our programs represent excellent return on investment for donors because they provide a real and sustainable change in animal welfare for the entire population not just a select few animals

We need your help us help them.

Donate today to our sterilisation program; just £15 will fund the sterilisation of one animal

Fundraise – open a page on Just giving , run a stand, a stall, car boot or garage sale, run a quiz night, bake cakes to sell at your work place or come up with your own ideas.

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Without more funding we are as a helpless as the tourist standing watching the emaciated dog on the side of the road.