Happy New Year

January 01, 2020

Let's begin 2020 with a fabulous positive blog post about what can happen when people globally support a charity in a country many of you have visited briefly on holiday and some of you have never even visited.

In 2019 the Dogstar team sterilised


No wonder we all needed our Christmas break! 

Your love, your support and your donations make these miracles happen for thousands and thousands of animals for whom no other help was coming.

The surgery Truck has had an upgrade, staff training and CPD are in full swing, we have just moved into a beautiful new office space and basically things are only going to get bigger and better which means we can help more animals, we have already set ourselves a target of sterilising 1000 cats this year on top of another 11000 dogs, we have plans to expand our street dog and cat health care programs and launch a new community education project.

Want to get involved ? of course, you do, making a huge change to animal welfare is what we are all driven by.

No matter who you are or where you are you can make a difference,

Become a dogstar