Yesterday Mark and I had let our beloved rescue dog Bruno aka Mr Gru go under general anaesthetic after emergency surgery for bacterial peritonitis showed irreparable damage to his stomach and other organs. Mr Gru was just 3 years old, as every dog owner knows to lose a beloved family member at any age is hard but at 3 and with no warning is simply heartbreaking but when his health issues were caused by nothing more than greed it’s tragic. Gru came to us as a young pup , his original owners brought him from a back yard breeder at a few weeks old and then dumped him a few weeks later due to his aggression which was nothing more than pain from his hips and the fear he felt from being hit with a broom.

sri lanka pedigree rottweiler bruno

Gru was a ticking time bomb of health issues that would cut his life short. Like so many pedigree dogs here, there were no health or temperament checks on his parents. Gru was bred for money pure and simple and purchased as a status symbol. We suspected even at 3 months old he would develop Hip Dysplasia and by 7 months we had been proved right, he was stiff, had difficulty rising, abnormal gait and limping, at just 7 months old he was basically still a puppy. X rays a few months later confirmed his diagnosis and also showed evidence of osteoarthritis which is a degenerative form of arthritis a secondary condition dogs with hip dysplasia develop.

Although we can never been100 % sure what caused his stomach to ulcarate and rupture the daily pain relief he had needed from a young age just to walk is highly likely to have contributed. Puppies should not need powerful pain relief just to walk, and yet that’s what Gru had to have daily just to function. Just to be able to get out of his bed he needed to have pain relief every single day. Gru was a victim of greed and the stupid notion that a pedigree dog,  especially one that has been deformed by having its tail removed is somehow superior to a non-pedigree dog. It’s quite simply madness

Gru touched so many lives both here in Sri Lanka and via social media and was an ambassador for Rotties helping to dispel so many negative stereotypes. Mark and I are so filled with sadness at the loss of our darling boy who despite everything loved everyone and had a heart as big as a bucket.