Anna passed away this morning just after the sun came up with Mark and I sitting on her bed with her. It was very peaceful, her mind left overnight whilst I slept on the sofa with her and her worn out and frail body followed a few hours later.

pedigree doberman sri lanka bredding dog

Goodbye Anna.

Anna Banana although you were only with us for 4 weeks, what an amazing 4 weeks you had, you went from an unwanted ex-breeding dog who had lived your entire life in a garden to a house dog who always knew where the best spot on the sofa was. You went from a dog who had been forced to beg for food and water to a dog who always had a full tummy, you went from being unloved to being adored, and you knew it.  When Anna arrived we knew she was terminally ill, a life time of being breed for money had taken its toll, we thought she might have a few days but she wanted to make up for lost time, and Anna rocked those 28 days, and her little tail never stopped wagging.

Anna Banana, everyone who met you loved you, your approach to life was brilliant, you made the most of each and every day. If such things are possible I would like to think of you and Mr Gru together now.

You both have taken a bit of my heart and I miss you both.