March 02, 2020

What better way to brighten up a Monday morning than a heartwarming update on Fudge.

Fudge fans will remember was found by our surgery team just after New Year with some horrifically infected wounds and multiple deep ( and painful ) abscesses, an x-ray showed a pellet close to his chest cavity.

Fudge spent 8 weeks in as an inpatient at a veterinary hospital ( our mobile spay-neuter clinic is not set up for inpatients ) and finally he got the all-clear to go home.

Home for Fudge is as part of a community of other free-roaming dogs some have defined owners some are "community dogs" but all are fed by the local community who came out to welcome Fudge back.

Fudge was delighted to get back to his patch, his street dog buddies and his people 

We will carry on working with this community to ensure that all the dogs are sterilised and Rabies vaccinated and to provide Fudge with any ongoing care he needs 

Fudge says Woof Woof, bark, howl, woofy woof which translates to "Dogstar supporters are awesome"

We agree