Errol, Heartbreaking news

I am simply heartbroken to have to post that Errol died overnight from a suspected snakebite. For those of who don’t know Errol’s story you can read it here.

Errol was amazingly special, he recovered physically and mentally from being cruelly treated and dumped by his previous owners. His heart was as big as a bucket and he loved everyone except our postman who he hated with a passion. On the nights that he choose to stay here he would sleep by our bed on a rug.

Errol’s other adopted family who called him Patty are equally heartbroken; they found him dead when they woke yesterday morning. They buried him in their garden where he spent many happy hours. I will miss seeing his huge plume of a tail wagging at the gate, I will miss him dancing around the kitchen when I was getting his dinner ready , I will miss him sleeping under my desk where I am sitting now, I will miss telling him not to jump up and steal the cats food, I will miss telling him not to stick his nose in my mug of tea when I distracted watching TV, I will his happy smiley face and bright eyes.

In short I will miss, my dog, my friend, my darling darling boy Errol


sri lanka street dog errol with his bushy tail