Sometimes the beauty of our work is as simple as we connect a donor online who cares about their pets with someone here in Sri Lanka who cares about their pets too.

Why Positive Change?

Recently Bool came to our mobile spay neuter program, Bool like many dogs visiting the vets for the first time was a bit anxious and needed a lot of reassurance from her “mum.”

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Animal welfare work is not always about shocking and disturbing images; sometimes it’s a beautiful photograph of a lovely lady and her much-loved pet. I am an experienced and many including myself would say “hardened’ animal welfare professional who has lived and worked in Asia for many years and yet there are still days that I find the relentless requests for help, posts and photos on social media about animals suffering globally overwhelming. I was discussing how this sense of helplessness can actually lead to people who want to help simply giving up and feeling nothing they do to try and help matters with our good friend and Tellington TTouch instructor Sarah Fisher.  As we talked we wanted to provide those who do care with a simple, low stress and effective way to make a positive change.

and thus Positive Change was born.

Positive change empowers you to make small changes in your life that have a big impact on the world.