Eddy update 25th August 

August 25, 2020

I visited Eddy today and its good and bad news really, or maybe I should say it’s good and challenging news 

The good news, Eddy’s cancer treatment has finished, and he is doing really well, he is gaining weight and there are some tufts of fur poking through. Eddy has also seen a surgeon this last week to assess his eye and whilst he has zero sight in it , it’s not causing him any pain or discomfort and the surgeon feels at this stage there is nothing to be gained putting Eddy through an Enucleation ( removal of the eye ) 

The more challenging news , Eddy really does not like sharing any space with other dogs AT ALL. All street dogs are different , some are very social with others , some can tolerant or ignore other dogs and some feel threatened by the proximity of other dogs and prefer their own space. Eddy falls very much into the latter and its clear Eddy does not want to live in an environment with other dogs. Originally the plan was for Eddy to come to Mark and I on long term foster, but we have 2 dogs and Eddy is currently making it clear that would not do for him at all. Eddy not surprisingly also has some resource guarding issues which we are also working on. 

It’s almost impossible to find an adult dog a home here and in fact in 14 years no one has ever asked us for one ! , but Eddy is a special case, he cannot go back to where I found him as unlike Fred or Margaret, he has not coped well in that environment previously and that’s before he lost sight in one eye ! 

First port of call on a situation like this is we speak to our amazing team to see if any of them has a friend or relative that has the one in a million home we need for Eddy. The last dog with needs as complex as Eddy was Berry who Tamsin in our team adopted ! 

What every happens Eddy is safe , Eddy is a Dogstar dog now and whilst his welfare needs are going to be bloody hard to meet, we will find him what he needs, not what’s easy or not what we want , it has to suit Eddy 

Thank you all so much for your love for Eddy , please keep him in your thoughts

With my thanks and gratitude