Easter Sunday Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka

Our country is bleeding 

This morning close to where we were working in Negombo there was a large explosion at Saint Sebastions church during Easter Mass 

Within minutes there were reports of further explosions in churches and hotels in Colombo and Batticaloa, and two further explosions this afternoon in Colombo. So far eight blasts have resulted in hundreds of dead and hundreds more seriously injured. While no one has claimed responsibility, it is clear this was a Terrorist attack

All our team members are safe although some have friends and family involved.  We have closed our field work until further notice and evacuated our teams back to staff accommodation, there is now a curfew in place, and social media is being restricted 

All our thoughts are with those who are lost loved ones, those who are injured and to the emergency services and the many members of the public who rushed in to help including 2 of our team. 

If we are slow to reply over the next few days please forgive us, our hearts are breaking and our country is bleeding 

Samantha Green
CEO Dogstar Foundation 
Negombo , Sri Lanka