Dogstar of the month - Molly 

May 12, 2020

Hi, my name is Molly Richards and I’m a 13 year old girl from New Zealand. When I was 9 years old I moved out to the UAE with my parents and ever since I have been lucky enough to travel around the world. I have  gone on many adventures- but one of my favourites was when I discovered dogstar. My mum was the one who found out about dogstar as a charity and told me all about it. Soon after that we met up at a local cafe with Sam and Mark and I immediately loved the charity. A few days later we were privileged enough to venture with Mark and Sam to one of their mobile units, where we witnessed the spaying of one of the dogs. It was incredible, all the amazing things that they were doing. Unfortunately we were only able to spend a small amount of time in Sri Lanka and left for the UK to see family. While we were there we decided to begin conducting a few fundraisers over facebook etc. Soon enough I began my Duke of Edinburgh Award.

dogstar of the month molly cooking for dogstar foundation

Where I live in the UAE- is a little area that we call ‘the street’ where  a bunch of the teachers from school live. Which means that I have a lot of neighbours. A few years ago I adopted a hobby of baking and made brownies almost weekly for the staff at school and got a great amount of feedback on how lovely they were. In Duke of Ed there are 3 categories you need to work on to achieve your bronze, one of those categories is service to the community. Because of COVID-19 I knew many of the staff would struggle and some may not even be anywhere near family- so for my community I began cooking and baking. I would then ask who would like what and deliver it to them. Many wanted to pay me for the baking- but I had decided as part of my community goal, to ask only for them to donate to dogstar any amount that they wanted. 

I’ve been doing this Duke of Ed for around 8 weeks now- and it’s safe to say that most of my community are now aware of the charity.

I am very proud of all that I have achieved and so thankful that I have been able to support such a wonderful charity. I love scrolling through my instagram feed and see all the amazing stories about the dogs that have been found and looked after thanks to Dogstar. I am so grateful to have been chosen as this months ‘dogstar’ and I hope everyone is staying safe during this time.

molly richards baking brownies for dogstar foundation