Dogstar of the Month - Diane Whiting

October 15, 2020



For the last 3 years, Diane (Di)  has chosen Dogstar Foundation as one of two chosen charities for the Shield Dog show events which she organises twice a year.

This year was partially hard but Di was adamant to put on the show and adhered to strict covid rules and managed to host both shows and raised an amazing £590. Well done Di we know how much work and dedication it took to organise. Diane also raised an additional £350 for running the dog show at Paws in the Park, Kent showground. Overall Di has raised an incredible £940 this year...a total Dogstar!

Who is Di and how she become part of the Dogstar family? 

"I have had border collies for more than 30 years and as well as fundraising for Dogstar, support a BC rescue group in the UK. I do herding, working trials, showing (including Crufts) and agility. Eric, my older dog, is a registered therapy dog and visits hospitals, schools and care homes,

It was a huge coincidence that when I planned to visit a friend in Sri Lanka, both she and another friend in England knew Tamsin at Dogstar, so of course, I had to meet her and say hello. I was introduced to the amazing work the Foundation does when I went there, and also on a subsequent visit, seeing a spay and neuter clinic operating and watching Tamsin treating street dogs. How could I not support them after that!"

 Very well done Di on becoming our Dogstar of the month, and for your hard work, dedication and compassion for the street dogs in Sri Lanka!

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