Dear World – In 2013 Toby a 5-year little boy from the UK wrote to me as part of his plan to write to every UN Country in the world.

Dear World How Are You?

Toby is now aged 8 and a  published author, our letter exchange and those sent to many other countries are now in his lovely book  Dear World, how are you?  which was released yesterday in Hardback and on Kindle. Toby, and his book, ‘Dear World, How Are You’, is a great example to us all, a single (and very small) person can still have a huge impact on the world, reaching many people globally, sharing knowledge and spreading joy & kindness. Toby has also raised a lot of money for a wonderful charity called ShelterBox who provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis.

Well done Toby, you are my new favourite author.


P.s I still have Toby’s letter in my office and I think I might have to frame it

writing to the world the letter from tobuy