Covid-19 update

March 14, 2020

Ayubowan*  from Dogstar's team in Sri Lanka, Just a quick Covid-19 update from us.

Our Team is in good health and we are currently still running all our programs , the situation has changed rapidly here in the last few days with a number of new cases rising and in response all schools , uni's , cinemas are closed and public gatherings now require police approval. Travel to Sri Lanka is now restricted from a number of Europen countries and visas are being restricted. 

There are a number of challenges currently from our supply chain for the imported goods and pain relief we use for surgery to potential for staff and staff family sickness and individual or city wide isolation . Sam and Mark are both highly experanced managers who have lead team's through other crisis situations in their careers both on Railways and in Animal Welfare and they have spent the last few days working on our contingency plans.

Our team is holding strong , we care about each other as strongly as we care about the animals we treat, we will pull together and we will face what ever is coming as one team , supporting each other and our families. Sam and Mark where due to travel to the UK tomorrow but they are staying here now until further notice.

We had a large team dinner last night , we talked about what is happening globally , our fears and what might happen , we are so sorry to hear how friends and supporters are suffering in other countries.

You have always supported us and our wish is that you and your families remain safe and well during this time and that people globally choose kindness and compassion now more than ever.

Team Dogstar

*Salutation wishing the recipient a long life, typically as a greeting or goodbye

Photo credit Richard Murgatroyd