Canine genocide or canine care?

Recently on Facebook, I have been called cruel and heartless, an evil animal abuser, accused of commiting canine genocide and being “as bad as Hitler” because of Dogstar’s stance on the humane sterilisation of roaming and owned dogs and cats in Sri Lanka

This is Minnie a street dog who wandered into an outreach clinic we were running today in a remote village 45 minutes away from our base. Minnie is malnourished , she has cataracts in both eyes and is almost blind, advanced mange has left her skin ripped open, infected and weeping

But Minnie is one of the lucky ones, now she is being treated by our vets and Dogstar is now working with a local family to ensure she is feed and finally receives the care and attention she needs and deserves.

Minnie is a victim of canine overpopulation and this is why Dogstar has a major focus on sterilisation campaigns. There are hundreds of thousands of “Minnie’s” countrywide with no one to help them.

When I asked my critic what they suggested we do instead of carrying out spay / neuter programs the responses were “let sleeping dogs lie” and “let nature take its course”

I think it's clear we are going to have to agree to disagree!