Imagine your child having to go to school without breakfast, every day.

March 01, 2020

Children at Yawajeewa School Negombo Sri Lanka

Yawajeewa Learning Centre in Negombo is a truly remarkable school for children unable to access mainstream education, a place that celebrates each and every child's unique gifts, a place of hope and inspiration.

Some of these children come from disadvantaged backgrounds and the headteacher told us they came to school daily with empty stomachs and did not eat until the free lunch provided at lunchtime

We knew we could change that , and set up Breakfast Club 

Since December 2016, via a special ring-fenced fund, some very compassionate Dogstar supporters have provided every single child with a hot nutritious breakfast every single day. Attendance and performance has increased and allowed these children to reach their full potential

children sit around a table with a teacher from Dogstar Foundation

Now Dogstar's team visit the school to talk about animal welfare.

We have set up Pupstars animal care club at the school teaching the children how to care for and be safe around dogs and cats.

The children love animals, love talking about animals, drawing and singing songs about animals, and we are proud of our unique partnership 

Some of the children have said they want to work with Dogstar when they grow up, wouldn't that be just amazing.