Welfare results you can see

This photo was taken during a 6.30 am walk on Negombo beach opposite our office, all the dogs we saw were already sterilized and in good health.Since 2015 we have sterilized over 6000 dogs in the city of Negombo and 5000 in neighboring Katana around the International airport, preventing the birth of tens of thousands of unwanted and uncared for dogs and improving the health and welfare of dogs such as these two beach dogs.

A professionally run dog population management program works by increasing community responbility, decreasing the number of unwanted dogs , increasing resources for dogs and decreasing the risk of Rabies by creating a stable and more static dog population. Quite simply its good news for animals and its good news for people 

If you want to support the decreasing of suffering and increasing the welfare of dogs in Sri Lanka we would love to hear from you.