Mark and I are deeply saddened to see yet another “pedigree’ dog die here in Sri Lanka. Anna passed away due to the greed associated with backyard dog breeding, and the absurd idea that “pedigree” dogs are superior in any way to our beautiful Sri Lankan dogs.

This beautiful girl was rescued by Embark from the side of the road, dumped after a lifetime of being bred from and she passed away 24 hours later in hospital from organ failure, from backyard dog breeding to roadside.  Her owner dumped her knowing she was sick, they had profited from her and dumped her like garbage. Now I have no time for these “back yard breeders”; but, let’s be blunt here they only do this BECAUSE PEOPLE BUY FROM THEM. Bad breeding is always supported by bad buying; every puppy brought fuels a trade where dogs like this innocent girl, or our previous rescue puppy farm dogs Mr Gru and Anna Banana pay for with their short and miserable lives.

Suggs, who Mark and I adopted from Animal SOS Sri Lanka 2 weeks ago is another puppy farm/backyard breed survivor. He was rescued weighing just 17 kg, with a mutilated foot and maggot infested wounds. Suggs is currently having treatment for a relapse of tick fever, and his eyes and feet have been permanently damaged by the abuse and neglect he endured as a breeding dog.


Backyard dog breeding continues because we don’t have laws here to protect these dogs. The answer is firmly in the hands of potential buyers. Please adopt, don’t shop. Why breed and buy while others die?  Every single puppy brought fuels this trade; every single one.