Anna’s story is heartbreaking, Anna is a Doberman, just over five years old and she has been used for breeding her entire life when she stopped being able to get pregnant her owners stopped feeding her. Anna was rescued a few weeks after neighbours reported her begging for food and water locally. I had chosen not to include photos of Anna when she was first rescued as they are distressing. Anna was at under 50 % of her normal body weight, and literally, a walking skeleton and her eyes were caked with pus.

Anna was a private hospital for three weeks. As well as being underweight, Anna was dangerously anaemic, and tests showed she also has chronic kidney failure. Her condition can be managed with a special diet and fluid therapy, but she cannot recover,  Anna is terminally ill. Anna’s vet wanted her to spend the limited time she has left in a family home, with love, dignity and above all her medical and welfare needs to be met.

pedigree doberman anna bredding dog sitting in her rescue home

Mark and I could think of no better way of honouring Mr Gru than to offer Anna her forever home and she joined our family on Tuesday. We know we will not have long together but she is safe, and she is loved.

Breeding exists because of demand, whilst people are still people prepared to buy a pedigree dog based on its physical appearance and turn a blind eye to the conditions the pup has been bred in, lack of health and welfare for mum and pups, backyard and profit breeders will continue to breed dogs like Anna into an early grave. Mr Gru was just three years old; Anna is just five years old. There are dogs like Mr Gru and Anna in every country, not just Sri Lanka.

Every single puppy brought fuels the trade