Adopting a rescue dog in Sri Lanka

So you want to adopt a homeless  in Sri Lanka ? fantastic we are here to help you:

Both my Sri Lanka dogs Suggs and Star are rescues ( Star is pictured above )  and I cannot recommend adopting highly enough , "buying pedigree dogs in Sri Lanka " thinking they somehow superior to a rescue dog is simply insanity fueled by vanity. The number one thing to remember is adopting a puppy can be a 10-15 year commitment, before bringing an animal into your home it's vital all family members are in total agreement. Has consideration been given to how you will meet the animals emotional and physical , practicalities of who will care for and feed the dog daily , exercise , toilet training ( using positive training methods only please )  are you fully aware of the costs involved for all preventive treatments and vaccinations your pet will need and any unexpected illness or accidents?  Having a pet is a very rewarding experience, but equally, it is a tremendous responsibility, we regularly see unwanted dogs dumped on the streets or chained and kenneled permanently, and they were all cute puppies once!

If you adopt from a Sri Lankan welfare organisation, often your puppy will already be sterilised or arrangments made once it's old enough free of charge, sterilisation is vital to stop future generations of unwanted litters. There are already more dogs than homes so please don't let your new dog contribute to the problem. There is absolutely no truth in the old wives tale that dogs need to have a litter before being spayed either!  You are most welcome to bring your pet to one of our mobile spay neuter clinics for a free sterilisation. As well as the overpopulation caused by uncontrolled breeding, there is a growing trend of family dogs being left behind when individuals migrate, or expats return home. Sri Lanka already has more dogs than good homes; there is a not a huge list of potential adopters, and adult dogs can really struggle to find new homes. If you want a dog but migration might be a future possibility, please consider fostering for an animal welfare group instead.

Although Dogstar does not arrange adoptions outside of Sri Lanka, if you want advice on relocating overseas with your pet we recommend

If you considered all of the above and a puppy ( or a kitten )  is still right for you then great news, Dogstar  provides free spay neuter services to a number of fosterers / welfare groups in Sri Lanka so so please get in touch with us and we can connect you , there are also numerous individuals and groups advertising on Facebook with adoptable animals all year round. Some groups run  adoption events in some major cities where potential adopters can meet puppies with their foster carers prior to adoption. 


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