A wedding with a Gift of Love…

Huge congratulations go to Dogstar supporters Smita and Michael on their wedding day!

On the 29th of September 2018, whilst the sun was shining down, Smita and Michael were married. Instead of gifts for their wedding, Smita and Michael asked guests to give gifts of love to one of their chosen charities including Dogstar. Thanks to their amazing family and friends, $500 was raised to help improve the lives of so many dogs.

The wedding took place in Philadelphia in Smita's sister's yard, Juli, Smita's best friend who had introduced Smita and Michael a few years before, performed the wedding ceremony for the happy couple.

Smita a veterinarian and Michael an architectural engineer live in Chester County with all their animal rescues:

Annabelle the Chihuahua
Schuylkill the Bulldog
Banjo the Beagle
Kia and Mac their 2 orange cats
and a Bearded dragon lizard named Hogan.

Smita visited Sri Lanka in 2009 which is where she got the opportunity to meet Sam and learn about  Dogstar Foundation. Everyone at Dogstar would like to wish Smita, Michael and all their rescues a very happy and prosperous future.

Thank you so much for including the street dogs in Sri Lanka on your very special day.