The magic behind Five Pound Fridays

May 18, 2022

A global pandemic. Countless dogs on the brink of starvation. A community of animal warriors who achieved the impossible. This is the story of Five Pound Friday.

What is Five Pound Friday?

What started out as a simple idea transformed into a loving and courageous family whose mission was simple: to guide hungry street dogs (and cats!) through a global crisis.

Cast your mind back to March 2020, when the first COVID-19 lockdowns were announced. Businesses around the world were forced to close their doors (with some never to re-open again), and people were legally obliged to stay at home.

Sri Lanka’s particularly harsh lockdown posed a significant risk to the hundreds of dogs and cats that roamed the streets. Not only did these animals depend on the scraps offered by local food vendors (who were no longer operational), they also relied on the simple kindness of strangers like you and me. The once bustling streets were now deserted, leaving innocent street animals to fend for themselves amidst a global pandemic.

‘Donate five pounds to feed 10 street dogs a warm nutritious meal.’

This was the urgent plea that was sent out into the Dogstar universe. It was a simple concept designed to lend a helping paw to street dogs in need. But the response that was returned was one no one could have prepared for.

Dogstars far and wide were giving whatever they could, often sacrificing their own wants and needs to rescue innocent street dogs. Many began opening their hearts to these animals every month, creating a loyal and loving community of dedicated change-makers. These generous gifts were what can only be described as pure acts of love. And with the heartfelt words of support and compassion that began to flood our inboxes, the Five Pound Friday family was born.

Where are we now?

Fast forward over two years and we have now reached a point where our world is slowly but surely recovering from the devastation of COVID-19. And as tourism increases and businesses begin to flourish once more, what is Five Pound Friday’s renewed purpose?

Well, though initially built to fuel street dogs through a pandemic, Five Pound Friday has now grown, evolved and blossomed into so much more. In fact, it’s transformed into many different things. It’s a community, a family, a space that Dogstars feel safe to retreat to when times are hard. This is a movement that has been defined, built and nurtured by YOU - the endlessly loving #Team Dogstar family.

Though the world can be a difficult place to navigate sometimes, it’s a lot easier with a loyal and loving family by your side. And that is the magic of Five Pound Friday.

A brown dog eats from a blue bowl below a bright blue sky.

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