On February 16th 2017 Tommy became the 5000th dog sterilised at our Negombo project in Sri Lanka.

Negombo is the 4th largest city here in Sri Lanka and has struggled for years with dog overpopulation leading to poor animal health and conflicts between many businesses and unwanted dogs. Our program is ambitious and challenging as our project zone covers the entire city from 5-star tourist areas to some of the largest fish markets on the island with communities from a variety of cultural, social and economic backgrounds. 

It’s a very common misconception that most dogs in Sri Lanka are stray and often very dramatic and unrealistic figures are quoted about the numbers of dogs here. Then there are people who still think that only street dogs breed unwanted dogs, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Negombo our 2016 mass surveys show that 83 % of dogs have an owner or a guardian ( up 4% in 18 months ), many of these dogs are allowed to roam unsupervised for part of the day. Entire roaming dogs will get pregnant or father litters, unwanted litters from owned dogs are often abandoned in the fish markets and tourist areas, and the cycle of overpopulation continues unless we make can deliver sustainable change covering a large % of dogs. This is why our spay neuter work is very people focused and targets both owned and unowned dogs, owners are a huge part of the solution to dog overpopulation and improvements in animal welfare, and we work with them.

5000th sterilisation in negombo sri lanka tommy

Our founder directors are both qualified project managers with a wealth of experience running large-scale projects to tight budgets.

Our Sri Lankan veterinary team are some of the most experienced field surgeons and veterinary assistants in the world, they strive to work to and raise international best practice standards in field Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release ( CNVR )  programs. The entire team regularly work with leading industry experts to train and share knowledge which we then, in turn, pay forward to any local or international group for free. Our animal handling team has provided hands-on training to indivduals and groups both locally and internationally, and our directors  have provided free consultancy to other groups. Our community team conduct state of the art surveying using the Mission Rabies smartphone app which provides realistic factual data that ensures that our spay neuter programs are targeted and effective. This evidence led approach to spay neuter programs shows that they work not only to reduce numbers of unwanted dogs but also provide measurable improvements in herd health. Every single dog we have sterilised here in Negombo has also been micro chipped allowing us to conduct follow-up surveys and checks.

Our program also provides spay-neuter services to around 5 Cats per day,  Feline welfare and overpopulation is often a more hidden problem than with dogs but unwanted cats can suffer just as much and kittens just weeks old have been dumped near hotels / guesthouses or at the fish markets. Of course we don’t do this work in isolation, none of this would be possible without you, our compassionate supporters,  Dogs Trust Worldwide,  Mission Rabies,  WVS and our amazing Sri Lankan veterinary partners Best Care Animal Hospital

Thank you for supporting us to transform animal welfare in Sri Lanka

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