Hope not hate

The tragic events at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester a few weeks ago and in London at the weekend have given Mark cause for much reflection. The tragic loss of life, the physical and mental injuries inflicted on those who survived, who lost loved ones or attended the aftermath will remain for years to come and all those affected and those who rushed to help them are in our thoughts.

As those who have read our story know that in 2005 after the July 7th suicide bomb attacks Mark and I worked as part of the recovery teams at Edgware Road and Aldgate tube stations, for over a week we worked in the tunnels and we both saw things no one should ever see and it had a profound effect on us both.

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Ceva Animal Welfare Awards- Charity Team of the Year 2017

Dogstar Foundation were announced as the winners of The Charity Team of the Year at the 2017 Ceva Animal Welfare Awards.

Mark and I had the honour of collecting the award on behalf of the entire team, we could not be prouder of the amazing group of people who work for Dogstar and delighted our team’s commitment to animal welfare has been internationally recognised.


Why Positive Change ?

Sometimes the beauty of our work is as simple as we connect a donor online who cares about their pets with someone here in Sri Lanka who cares about their pets too

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The real cost of buying a pedigree dog

In the last two months we have lost our two rescue  dogs Mr Gru and Anna , both dogs were “pedigree” and both dogs had their lives cut tragically short due to greed and bad breeding, but both dogs were also victims of bad buying

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Goodbye Anna

Anna passed away this morning just after the sun came up with Mark and I sitting on her bed with her. It was very peaceful, her mind left overnight whilst I slept on the sofa with her and her worn out and frail body followed a few hours later.

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