From the Dogstar Team in Sri Lanka and local and international partners and supporters

What does dog over population look like ?

By Samantha Green | May 15, 2018

It might not be what you think Images like this are pretty confronting; they are typical of an area where there are more dogs that guardians and resources, dogs are sick, injured and dying from vaccine-preventable diseases and even common conditions such as mange Dogstars primary focus is on preventing this suffering, and our flagship program…

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Rescuing 6 puppies from a storm drain

By Samantha Green | May 12, 2018

tiny puppies left for dead While I like to remain positive and I do believe that the majority of global animal suffering is caused by thoughtlessness and lack of emotional empathy now and then something comes along that simply chills me to the bone, an act so thoroughly deliberate and wicked that there is and can…

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Whats better than one rescue dog ? two rescue dogs !

By Samantha Green | May 11, 2018

Meet Star The Sri Lanka puppy who joined Mark, Suggs and I last month as a foster dog and stayed to complete our family. Star was around 5-6 weeks old when a young girl brought her to a clinic we were running on the beach at Negombo. Like so many unwanted puppies Star had been…

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Midsummer Veterinary Clinic Fundraisers for Dogstar

By Tamsin Webb | Mar 2, 2018

Angela is one of Dogstar’s Trustees and has been an avid fundraiser for the last 7-8 years. During this time she has raised over £4000 – an amazing achievement.

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Yawjeewa School – International Literacy Day

By Tamsin Webb | Nov 9, 2017

September 8th marked International Literacy day, myself and Dogstar volunteer Maria were invited by Miep to attend a special day of fun and communication with the Yawjeewa school and 5 other similar schools from across Sri Lanka. This was held at a special team building facility close to Negombo, with the idea of bonding through…

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Street Dog Skin Care | Bailey

By Samantha Green | Nov 8, 2017

Meet little Bailey, a Sri Lankan street pup with a shaky start and a solid future thanks to Dogstars Street Dog Skin Care team  

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Emergency Appeal | Bailey

By Samantha Green | Oct 17, 2017

Edited November 9th , read Baileys update here 

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Pack it in! the myth of the alpha dog

By Carolyn Menteith | Oct 13, 2017

“He’s a alpha dog”, “She’s dominant”, “You have to be pack leader” I’ve heard all these phrases this week – as I did last week and the week before! You only have to turn on the TV or look at the internet to find them, along with someone telling you that your dog is really…

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animal welfare in sri lanka

EPFS Community Fair

By Samantha Green | Oct 2, 2017

Yesterday the Dogstar team had a stand at the 2nd EPFS Community fair in Colombo. The EPFS community is a vibrant online community that raises funds for 25 local charities and good causes here in Sri Lanka including Dogstar.

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