Berry’s Amazing transformation in just 5 weeks

Berry 5 weeks go.....

When we found Berry on the streets, she was in a world of pain with her skin as hard as stone and pieces flaking off, she was emaciated, her hips and ribs were protruding and it was clear she needed extensive treatment to ensure her survival.

You may recall when we posted on Valentines day, Berry had been at the animal hospital receiving treatment for her severe case of scabies and a fungal infection but due to her being a feral dog, she wasn't coping all that well being at the hospital.

We decided fostering would be a better solution for Berry.

Photo 19-02-2019, 18 01 28

Berry 3 weeks ago.....

Berry arrived at our staff member Tamsin's. On arrival she ran around and found an area of the garden which is secluded with a cubby area and decided that is where she felt safest.

The first time Tamsin approached Berry she made a growl and leave me alone noise, Tamsin put down the food and left, showing Berry that she understood not to get close. Tamsin then went inside to a window to start "Berry Watch". Berry was already out eating the food, which was a great sign.

Although Berry still has no trust, her appetite is fantastic and she is gaining weight by the day, she doesn't growl when she see's Tamsin, but waits for her to put the food down and leave, before she comes out to eat.


Just look at our (Black) Berry now.....

Berry at 5 weeks

Berry has come a long way in just 3 weeks, unfortunately the trust isn't there yet, but she tolerates Tamsin and loves her food. Berry goes out into other areas of the garden during the day when no one is around and has been seen to chase the crows around the garden!

Photo 13-03-2019, 08 44 14
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated towards Berry's care.
We cannot thank you enough for your support her transformation in just a short time is amazing, being able to help these dogs really wouldn't be possible without the support from you.


  1. Georgina on March 14, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    Heartbreaking to seeing such suffering. You do wonderful work and such a understanding foster home.

  2. Sheila on March 15, 2019 at 11:24 am

    Your kind deeds are appropriated,You all are dedicated and doing a great job!

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