Education is a fundamental part of our plan to develop community-responsibility for animal welfare and health. By challenging and developing concepts of ownership within the younger generation, we can transform the way animals in Sri Lanka are viewed. By promoting companionship and respect, we can establish a change in attitude amongst the community, and ensure children mature into a generation who understand and encourage animal protection.

Animal Welfare Education for Children

animal welfare education

Animal education for children in third world countries is vital for their health and wellbeing, as well as the development of animal welfare standards. Teaching children how to interact with animals safely in a country where rabies is present, saves human lives and elevates community safety. Dog bites and the fear of dog bites can be the trigger for dog culls.

It is important to partake in interactive sessions with these children to ensure they can apply the knowledge to events in everyday life. During the lessons the children role play, answer questions, colour, and talk with the presenter about their own animals and experiences.

We discuss animals’ basic needs, promote respect, protection, positive handling and interaction, bite prevention and what to do if you are bitten. At the end of the session, each child signs a pledge to “be a Dogstar” and look after animals. Children instinctively have so much love to give. By encouraging children to channel this love toward animals in need, we can establish a brighter future for animal welfare in Sri Lanka.

Our animal welfare program is available at no cost and we encourage its use in countries with similar circumstances. Follow in the footsteps of many other animal protection organisations in Asia and promote education. Contact us for more details.

Animal Welfare Education for Adults

We often see animals suffering due to the neglect of basic emotional or physical needs. The failure of an owner to seek treatment; a lack of understanding of dietary requirements, or misguided treatment or actions are usually the main causes of such abuse. While it’s not deliberate cruelty, the result is still an animal enduring suffering, distress and even death.

How we are protecting dogs

Five Freedoms in English Dogstar Foundation Sri LankaThe “Five Freedoms” is a framework developed by the UK Farm Animal Welfare Council. It is key in understanding and evaluating animal welfare, and is commonly used to give guidance to farmers and scientists.

Five Freedoms in Sinhala Dogstar Foundation Sri LankaDogstar’s adaptation of the “Five Freedoms” has been tailored to suit the communities we work in. Our education program gives an overview of animal welfare and specific examples of positive changes that even the most low-income household can implement. Leaflets are given to all owners bringing animals to our clinics, and are handed out village-wide during our outreach clinics. We are expanding our program to deliver leaflets via our children’s education programs and developing educational talks at community centres and Temples.

We work with owners on a case-by-case basis. Owners are expected to work in partnership with us. This partnership ensures that owners prioritise their animal’s welfare and, where possible, financially contribute to their animal’s treatment plan. This will include medication, a healthy dietary plan and environmental enrichment. Animals are often treated both at clinic’s and in the home environment to ensure that key messages are understood and implemented.

By personalising each case, we can ensure the individual needs of dogs and their owners are met. While the overarching issue coincides, no two cases are exactly the same. It is important to consider the attributes of each case in order to establish a permanent attitude change. By creating understanding, awareness and a sense of respect, we can create an increased opportunity for animal adoption in Sri Lanka.

How can you help?

Education is such a crucial tool in overcoming the animal welfare issues in Sri Lanka. You can contribute by donating, or getting involved with one of our current appeals. Your support can shape the future of animal welfare in Sri Lanka, and help us to provide education to those who need it most.

Animal Welfare Education for professionals

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The only thing better than curing an animal’s suffering is preventing it and animal welfare education is one of our most powerful tools